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Our final call to restore environmental balance

The relationship between human beings and nature has been striving for balance for decades. We have pressured the natural world, with damaging consequences, for generations; we took too much without giving anything back. Ever since the industrial revolution, fossil fuels set us on a course of expanding our production, which also meant more pollution and waste. While leading and developing economies metered their growth through their GDPs

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Climate Change Mitigation: Role of Social Cost of Carbon

Globally, there has been a general increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from 1850 to 1960 owing to factors such as population growth and industrialization. Comparing the highest emitting countries, the United States of America was ranked second in 1850. In 2011, a similar comparison showed that the USA ranked second again. The difference, however, was that their emissions grew by 266 times over 160 years.

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Does your electricity bill speak to you?

“Is my electricity bill too high?” “Do I know how much electricity I am paying for?” “Can I access my electricity consumption data readily?” “How can I reduce my electricity bill?” “I wish I could access my electricity consumption data as readily as my mobile/internet data usage!”

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