Chandana Sasidharan

Chandana is a consultant with over nine years of work experience who works on the sustainable transition of the Indian economy with a primary focus on the decarbonisation challenges in the transport and power sector. Her research area is on the role of Distributed Energy Resources in energy transition, focusing on the interlinkages of Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. In her current role, she is also handling research projects on smart electrification of demand in India, nudging EV adoption and vehicle to grid integration. She is a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional, with expertise in energy modeling and simulation studies.

She is a Transport electrification Expert Consultant with many publications focused on the Indian EV market. She holds a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management from TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi, and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Government Engineering College, Thrissur. She is an active member of IEEE Power and Energy Society, Transportation Electrification, BlockChain, and Smart Grid Community. In her free time, she is active as a climate ambassador, women in energy champion, and mentor to cleantech start-ups.