Shatakshi Suman

Shatakshi has 10+ years of experience in policy development and implementation, energy-efficient building design, and sustainable building construction and operational practices. She is a seasoned professional with diverse experience working and collaborating with private organisations, public (local, state and central government) departments, NGOs, and multilateral and bilateral organisations. She has worked with Terra Viridis Environmental Design Consultants LLP, PriceWaterhouseCoopers India, United Nations Development Programme, India, and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Shatakshi holds a B.Arch in Architecture from Dr B. N. College of Architecture, Pune, a PGD in Environmental Law and Urban Management, and a Diploma in Housing Law from India Law Society, Pune.

She has worked for energy efficiency improvement in buildings and implemented state-level policies, analysing big data, financial feasibility analysis, building energy policies, dynamic thermal simulation packages, green building certification, and building design optimisation for energy and daylighting. She was involved in key projects like “Development of Eco Niwas Samhita”, “Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings”, Building Energy Passport- Energy Management and Information System (BEP-EMIS), “Energy-Efficient Model Buildings”, “Developing Energy Efficiency Label for Residential Buildings in India”, of ECBC 2017 (revised 2021), ENS 2018 & 2021, ECBC Rules, ECBC Design Guide and User Manual, User Guide For Implementing ECBC in Data Centers by CII-IGBC and LBNL “, “Implementation of ECBC in States/UTs of India”. Besides key qualifications in building physics, Passive design strategies, Low energy cooling, and creating energy simulations, she has also acquired knowledge of policy development and implementation strategies. She knows building rating systems and manages the deployment of large-scale projects in PAN India. She has been part of the core team designing and constructing many exemplary high-performing buildings in India, Singapore and Malaysia (Manipal, Infosys, etc.). Monitoring, compliance check and verification of 200+ ECBC compliant building designs (until 2020).