10th CMVP Training and Examination

AEEE is organizing in  the 10th Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) Training and Exam,   in partnership with EVO (USA) 29,30 and 31st October 2015 in New Delhi.

Relevance of M&V in the Buildings and  HVAC Sector:

  • Getting a building LEED certified is not an end in itself – A study of various LEED certified bldgs revealed that many of these were performing worse than non-LEED certified. The difference is a focus on Operational Efficiency and M&V plays a big role in that
  • The Industry is now talking of ‘High Performance Buildings’ where O&M aspects are given more importance – M&V helps in operating bldgs better. LEED has a concept of Dynamic Plaque which is also on the same lines.
  • The Industry is talking of Net Zero Buildings where the approach of a project totally shifts from ‘design centered’ to ‘real performance’. This is nothing but an ‘Option C’ approach of IPMVP.
  • Industry is innovating and new products and applications (or ECM’s) get used. The challenge with new ECM’s is that the actual operating procedures or logics needs to be fine tuned at site to get predicted results and that involves M&V
  • LEED now provides additional points for Metering & Monitoring which is nothing but drawing a baseline and being conscious of deviations. M&V knowledge is required for this.

Relevance of CMVPs in the India Scenario

Ø  ISO 50001 – implementation requires annual targets to be pre-declared by the organization. Reliable M&V mechanisms will be required in the analysis of the targets achieved of the energy management systems
Ø  PAT Scheme – requires M&V not only for the final target achievement in 2015, but also internally for the organization when various subsystems are renovated or replaced progressively to calculate the energy savings achieved
Ø  CMVPs are most preferred for evaluating DSM Programmes, to deploy Evaluation Measurement and Verification (EMV) measures
Ø  IPVMP protocol is also highly relevant for evaluation of Water, Air &  Renewable Energy

Ø  ESCOs activity is now being vigorously pursued by organisations like World Bank, EESL and others. Energy performance contracting requires strong M&V skills

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