Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE) was formed in 2008 as a not-for-profit society with the vision and financial support provided by various proactive energy efficiency equipment and services companies- Conzerv Systems Pvt Ltd (CSPL – since acquired by Schneider-Electric India in 2009), Schneider Electric, Thermax Limited, Grundfos Pumps India and Development Enviroenergy Services Ltd, and other practitioners and energy service companies to create a platform for the private sector to engage with government and help create an energy services market in India.

USAID/ECO-III project partners, International Resources Group, with support from Alliance to Save Energy provided strategic guidance and support to develop and implement AEEE’s Vision and Mission. They also helped in the launch of the initial set of activities and programmes. During its formative years it’s initial days, AEEE was supported by a number of energy efficiency equipment manufacturers and services providers with a focus on business enablement.

Over the years, AEEE has continuously strived to foster a culture of energy efficiency in India through supporting policy implementation, business enablement, and knowledge products. In the recent years, AEEE has joined forces with major foundations, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and peer organizations that have helped AEEE establish itself as a credible and effective platform in the field of energy efficiency in India.

Our Founders

Hema Hattangady

Hema Hattangady was one of the Founders and first Chairperson of AEEE. She was the Vice-Chairperson and CEO of Conzerv Systems Pvt. Ltd. (later acquired by Schneider Electric India). Hema formulated the initial vision, engaged and lined up the support of businesses - Schneider Electric, Thermax Limited, Grundfos Pumps India and Development Enviroenergy Services Ltd. and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and led and positioned AEEE as an energy efficiency industry association - the first of its kind with the active support of USAID’s ECO-III project. She continued to serve on the Executive Council of AEEE until 2016 and provided strategic advice and guidance to the top management of AEEE.

      Ranganath N. Krishna

      Ranganath N. Krishna is currently, Grundfos Water Ambassador at Grundfos Pumps India Private Ltd. and has served as the MD of Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd. He was also the second chairperson of AEEE. He significantly contributed in building up the credibility and partnerships for AEEE among the national chambers. Presently, he is part of the AEEE Executive Council and continuously guides the organisation top leadership.

          S. Padmanaban

          S. Padmanaban is an enthusiast, advocate, writer, designer and planner devoted to sustainable development and energy conservation. At various periods of his career, he has been with the World Bank, USAID and agencies of the Govt. of India. He is author of numerous publications and articles has taught at the School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Energy & Env. Resources program, Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC . He currently splits his time between Bangalore (India) and Pittsburgh (USA) and engages in public services avidly devoted to the cause of energy and water resource management and conservation. As a senior advisor to USAID-India, he played a key role in creating AEEE as the voice of the energy efficiency community and subsequently served on AEEE Executive Council.

            Shishir Joshipura

            Shishir Joshipura, previously, Executive Vice President, Thermax Ltd., MD of SKF India Limited, and currently MD & CEO of Praj Industries has provided the vast experience of Thermax as a global player in energy and environment services and technology industry to be one of the founding members for AEEE.

                G. C. Datta Roy

                G. C. Datta Roy was the founder CEO and Advisor of DESL and helped it to become one of the most respected energy consulting firms in the country, with project executions in over 25 countries. Dr. Roy has been awarded as the 'Energy Professional Developer of the year' by India chapter of AEE, the USA in 2010, and as the 'Sustainability leader of the year' by Parivartan Sustainability Outlook in 2012 for his immense contribution in promoting energy efficiency business in the country. He is a member of several international and national committees (including government and key trade/industry associations) and has served on AEEE Executive Council. As one of the leading Energy Services professionals in India and globally, he helped AEEE to take up the cause of the ESCO industry and be seen as the de-facto ESCO association of India.

                    Koshy Cherail

                    Koshy Cherail worked as the chief facilitator with the Core Team of CEOs and partner organisations and a founder during the incorporation of AEEE in 2008. He was the President of the AEEE Secretariat from 2008 to 2017 and played a central role in steering the organisation as one of the leading policy think tanks and industry association. Subsequently, he served as advisor to AEEE until 2020.

                        Satish Kumar, Ph.D. and LEED Fellow

                        President and Executive Director

                        Satish Kumar is a founder and serves as the President and Executive Director of the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE) since January 2018. He has held the position of Executive Chairman (2015-2017) and has served on the Executive Council since its inception in 2008. He played a key role, as the Chief of Party for USAID ECO-III project, in the formation of AEEE and in formulating the original operating philosophy of serving both as a policy think tank and an industry association. He continued to actively participate in the governance of AEEE during his stint as Energy Efficiency Ambassador at Schneider Electric and supported AEEE directly and indirectly. He has helped AEEE become the leading energy efficiency non-governmental organisation in India through a financially sustainable business model, programmatic leadership, knowledge products and creating strong partnerships with government ministries, foundations and peer organisations.