Data Analytics and Modeling (DAM) cuts across AEEE’s thematic verticals and works on advance end-use energy data analytics, split by sector, fuel, and activity, to design and implement energy efficiency interventions. Since end-use energy data is grossly inadequate in India, DAM is sharply focussed on closing this data gap, and subsequently creating actionable data-based insights using analytical and visualisation tools. Its end objective is to support data-driven policymaking, spur markets for energy efficiency products and services, and nudge consumer behaviour, as definitive strides towards India’s clean energy transition and climate action goals.

Strategic Focus Areas

  • National benchmarks and building energy performance standards
  • Energy models to develop buildings sector decarbonisation pathways
  • Drive enterprise energy and emissions management

Flagship Programmes

Towards Climate-Smart Hospitals in India

In partnership with Centre for Chronic Disease Control (CCDC), we are designing and undertaking the first-ever nationwide hospital energy survey in India as a step towards climate-smart healthcare, driven by Health Care Without Harm. The survey will cover ~1000 hospitals across 5 climate zones and 18 states and comprise 75+ data points per hospital. These data points will include operational characteristics, business metrics, building-level energy consumption and onsite generation, and end-use system characteristics. The survey data will be used by different stakeholder groups to effect positive changes at the ecosystem level:

  • Policymakers: Develop and update energy benchmarks, codes, and standards for different hospital typologies; mainstream the use of renewable energy in rural hospitals to improve healthcare delivery.
  • Hospital owners: Benchmark against peers to manage energy consumption and strengthen ESG goals.
  • Energy efficiency businesses: Work with hospital owners to identify and implement climate-smart solutions.

Dashboards and Data Stories

This section contains graphical retellings, in the form of interactive dashboards and data stories, of flagship projects that AEEE has contributed to. These data explorations will enable policymakers, businesses, and researchers to quickly dip into the key numbers and findings of our work.

Blogs and Commentary

Does your electricity bill speak to you?

Does your electricity bill speak to you?

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Meet the Team

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Sangeeta Mathew

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Akash Goenka

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