Energy Efficiency Industry Platform

AEEE organises two flagship international EE conference as well as publishes peer-reviewed papers to bring together public, private and research/consulting community together.

State Energy Efficiency Index 2019

AEEE works to couple super-efficient appliances with distributed renewable energy to improve rural livelihoods.

India Cooling Action Plan

AEEE is proud to be the leading knowledge partner of MoEFCC on this ground-breaking policy document and helping other countries develop national Cooling Action Plans.

Super Efficient Appliances in Rural Areas

AEEE carried out a study to identify the need for super-efficient appliances in rural communities to provide energy access for all along with an improved quality of life, safety, income-generating opportunities, and access to education.

EV Charging Infrastructure

AEEE has carried out study on facilitating the roll-out of public EV charging stations, developing an appropriate framework for EV charging tariff and regulatory changes, and exploring the opportunity to utilize EVs as a flexible grid resource.