Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE), is one of the leading organizations in India that works on creating awareness about energy efficiency as a resource. It is a policy advocacy and energy efficiency market enabler with a not-for-profit motive. We advocate for data-driven and evidence-based energy efficiency policies and research.

We foster a culture of energy efficiency in India, working with industry, government and civil society organizations. AEEE advocates for Thermal Comfort for All, and a Lean-Mean-Green philosophy to design and construct net-zero energy-water-waste built environments, sustainable transportation and robust energy data frameworks for better policymaking and implementation, to build a culture of energy efficiency in India. We are committed to achieving India’s energy transition for a climate-resilient and energy secure future and meeting India’s commitments to India’s Nationally Determined Contributions and UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Our Core Values

Our Vision

To be a Leader in Responsible Use of Energy to Transition to a Climate Resilient and Energy Secure Future

Our Mission

  • Foster a culture of energy efficiency in India
  • Enable Energy Transition by working across industry, government and research/civil society organization
  • Accelerate impact as a policy enabler through thought leadership and research to meet India’s 2030 Nationally Determined Contribution (NDCs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).