Decarbonisation Business Charter- Call for Action Event – Delhi

India’s booming construction market and growing real estate sector present a unique opportunity for sustainable transformation. By 2025, India is expected to become the world’s third-largest construction market, contributing 13% to the country’s GDP and reaching a market size of US$1 trillion by 2030. However, the sector currently accounts for approximately 25% of India’s greenhouse gas emissions, a figure that is expected to rise further due to increasing energy demand and traditional building practices.

To address these challenges, WRI India, AEEE, Mahindra Lifespaces Developers Limited, and EcoCollab have joined forces as a consortium to initiate the Decarbonisation Business Charter. This collaborative platform aims to identify priority actions and explore common challenges and opportunities for stakeholders across the building and construction value chain to transition towards a low-carbon pathway.

To kickstart this initiative, we invite you to join us for the Call for Action Event on the Decarbonisation Business Charter. Taking place on August 9th at [Venue Name] in Delhi, this event will bring together stakeholders from the building industry, experts, and change-makers to drive the transition towards a sustainable future.

The event will feature an Opening Session, providing an introduction to the Decarbonisation Business Charter and highlighting the event’s objectives in advancing decarbonization efforts. A Panel Discussion will delve into the value chain approach to decarbonizing the building construction industry, exploring opportunities and challenges and inspiring innovative solutions for a greener future. Additionally, Success Stories by signatories will showcase organizations that have successfully embraced sustainable practices, sharing their achievements, experiences, and lessons learned. This will underscore the positive impact of sustainable actions within the sector.

For those interested in joining the Decarbonisation Business Charter, a dedicated Join as a Signatory Session will offer insights into the benefits, responsibilities, and registration process. The event will culminate in a Signing Session, where new signatories can officially pledge their commitment to decarbonization, capturing this significant moment through photographs and media coverage.

Join this vital event to be part of the movement toward a sustainable future. Register now to secure your spot and contribute to the decarbonization efforts of the building construction industry. Together, we can shape a more sustainable and resilient India.

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