ESCO Market Transformation Stakeholder Round table

AEEE is organizing the Second Biannual (6 monthly) Stakeholders Roundtable on ESCOs and EE Market Transformation convened by AEEE and SSEF, and hosted by Shakti Foundation.

The EE market in India is estimated to be worth INR 150,000 crore. However, it is estimated that only 5% of this market has been tapped by ESCOs.Although the ESCO business is not new in India, ESCOs still face significant challenges in terms of project financing, implementing performance contracts and improving and expanding their portfolio of projects and services across various sectors.

AEEE considers the ESCO business a key element for scaling up energy efficiency in India, and, in partnership with Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation and SIDBI, is currently conducting a programme of workshops on ESCO Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) and EE Project Financing for MSME, industry, ESCOs, FIs and government agencies.

As part of the programme AEEE is convening this stakeholder meeting with representatives from ESCOs;  Banks and Financial Institutions;  government agencies including SDAs; and multilateral and bilateral organisations,  to elicit ideas on strategies to grow the Energy Efficiency Performance Contracting business; strengthening  ESCO to access Financing for EE Projects; developing a business-friendly Regulatory and Policy Framework and Business Strategies for ESCOs business in diverse sectors such as MSMEs, PAT target industries, buildings and commercial sector; and the challenging areas  of ESCO business, such as Utilities, DISCOMs, Agriculture and Municipal services such as Street-lighting and Water pumping.


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