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Solar Powered Textile Loom
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Increases Work Efficiency
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Super-Efficient Appliances
Reduce Drudgery and
Increase Productivity

Role of Energy Efficiency in Energy Access

To ensure sustainable and reliable energy access for all, it is essential to follow a sustainable development model which focuses on reducing energy intensity . One of the sustainable ways to approach the challenges of energy access is through energy efficiency measures that yield the same output, with less energy. The saved energy could be used to provide access to additional households and productive businesses requiring energy access and could also contribute towards a better quality of supply. The energy saving potential from energy efficiency measures for India is estimated to be around 7.21 % of net electricity consumption in 2017-18 (Economic Survey, 2019). As a result, energy efficiency is a crucial resource for energy access. However, the fact that energy efficiency could lead to enhanced energy access has often been overlooked.

Super-Efficient Appliances: Need of the hour

One of the ways to tap into the benefits of end-use energy efficiency is by using super-efficient appliances in off-grid rural households and productive businesses. These appliances require less power and can be operated on small off-grid systems. According to the Global LEAP Report (2016), solar home systems (SHS) equipped with super-efficient appliances would use 75% less energy than SHS with conventional appliances.

The deployment of these super-efficient appliances in rural communities would enable the use of more appliances for additional hours with the same or less power supply. This brings about additional benefits, such as improved quality of life, safety, increased income generation, access to education, and so on. Thus, the time is ripe for utilising the opportunity of increasing energy access through the use of super-efficient appliances which use less power than conventional appliances.

More information about the project can be accessed from the ‘Increasing Energy Access by Using Super-Efficient Appliances in Rural Homes and Productive Businesses: India Stakeholders Mapping Report

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