Balendu Bhushan Pandey

Balendu Bhushan Pandey has 12 years of dynamic experience in numerous projects of digitalization initiatives in Industry, as well as in the field of Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management. Throughout his career, he has worked with the industrial sector and private and government consulting agencies. In the industrial sector, he worked with Vedanta Resources Limited vision, “To Make Most Digitalized Mines,” to make the underground mining process more predictable, reliable and sustainable. In the past in the Energy Efficiency and management area, he has contributed in implementing energy efficiency project supported by BEE and EESL. He demonstrated projects in industrial sector provided consultancy assistance in various areas, including energy audits, demand aggregation, Measurement and Verification, energy management system, implementation of energy efficiency technologies, industrial decarbonization, and ESCOs business Super-efficient Fan program.

He has published 03 research papers in International journals and conferences and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Wireless communication system. He is holding MTech. & B.Tech. Degree.