Hardeep Kushal

Hardeep is hard-core finance and management professional with a compliance acumen and brings in immense 21 + yrs. of experience. His diverse background includes Finance, CSR grant management, Legal & Statutory Compliance, Accounts & Taxation, Operational Management, investment planning, the conceptualization of policy framework & internal/ external controls, including audits/fraud & risk management. Hardeep also has the strategic experience, which includes vital aspects of human resource management.

He holds a management degree of MBA-Finance with diverse exposure of working in both commercial and development sectors. He has held prominent leadership positions as lead finance & Compliance in his previous organizations.

He has a collaborative leadership approach and possesses strong communication & people management skills. He is an able leader, a keen analyst, and an effective team player.

Hardeep plays a vital role in formulating and implementing annual action plans, preparing annual budgets, with flexibility and willingness to work in other operation areas, strategic planning for improving the system with available resources, and contributing to the organization’s overall growth and development.