Md Saddam Hussain

Md Saddam Hussain has a background and expertise in transportation planning, facility design and optimization, mobility and choice modeling, environmental impact assessment, and road safety assessment. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from NIT Patna in 2015. Afterward, he pursued an M.Tech in the Infrastructure Design and Management Department at IIT Kharagpur.

During his Ph.D., Md Saddam Hussain focused on transportation planning, specifically working on improving pedestrian safety in urban mixed transport environments through design and policy interventions. His research aimed to develop strategies to enhance the safety of pedestrians and reduce accidents in urban areas.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Md Saddam Hussain has been actively involved in various government and non-government projects with interdisciplinary topics. Some notable projects he has contributed to include the optimal planning of electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI), the rejuvenation of urban transportation in Varanasi as part of the UAY project, and the Global Safety Road Partnership project in collaboration with IFRC.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Md Saddam Hussain enjoys watching sci-fi movies and playing online games during his personal time.