Rahul Ukey

Rahul holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Mechanical Engineering from Swami Vivekanand College of Engineering, Indore, earned in 2008. Furthermore, he completed his postgraduate studies with a Master’s in Engineering (M.E.) in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Design and Thermal aspects, at the Institute of Engineering & Technology, Indore, in 2012. With over five years of teaching experience, he embarked on his journey as a Ph.D. research scholar in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at BITS-Pilani, Pilani campus, starting in January 2018. During his doctoral research, Rahul authored two research papers in international journals, focusing on the improvement of indoor comfort and energy efficiency within residential buildings. His research delves into the impact of climate change on heating and cooling requirements and explores retrofitting solutions to enhance indoor thermal comfort.

Rahul’s area of expertise notably centers on enhancing indoor comfort and energy efficiency in residential buildings, aligning well with my own research, which investigates the repercussions of climate change on heating and cooling demands while exploring retrofitting possibilities to elevate indoor thermal comfort.