Sandeep Kachhawa

Sandeep Kachhawa is an energy efficiency researcher with over a decade of experience in research and policy advisory. He specializes in building energy efficiency and cold chain systems and has conducted qualitative and quantitative studies in collaboration with businesses, government, and civil society. At AEEE, Sandeep has contributed to several publications focused on cooling including the India Cooling Action Plan. He played an important role in conceptualizing India’s periodic State Energy Efficiency Index, assessing states’ energy efficiency policies and programs, while working closely with NITI Aayog and BEE. Sandeep has authored numerous research papers, including those advocating for adaptive thermal comfort, decoding India’s building stock characteristics, rethinking ECBC implementation in states and cities, evaluation framework for assessing state-level energy efficiency implementation, and policy & technology roadmap for retrofitting/modernizing cold storages in India. He is a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) and has helped improve the energy performance of many large commercial and mixed-use buildings in India. Sandeep is a Mechanical Engineer and holds a Master’s in Energy Engineering from MNIT Jaipur. His prior affiliations with TERI and AECOM have helped shape his knowledge and understanding of the field of energy efficiency.