Santosh Kumar Saini

Santosh Kumar Saini is a passionate and enthusiastic researcher specializing in sustainable refrigeration & cold chains, HVAC, and renewable energy. Holding a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from BITS Pilani, his research focused on evaluating energy-efficient refrigeration technologies for seafood cold chains in India. With expertise in HVAC, refrigerants and refrigeration system analysis, Santosh brings a holistic understanding to his work. He has contributed to the development of a national scheme for advanced grid-scale energy storage technologies as a Research Associate at IIT Roorkee. He has a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy from Centre for Energy and Environment, MNIT Jaipur. Santosh has played key roles in three international projects, proposing energy-efficient refrigeration technologies for optimal seafood storage and handling. With strong technical competencies and analytical skills, Santosh is dedicated to driving sustainable solutions and making a positive impact in the field of energy and refrigeration. Santosh also enjoys playing badminton and swimming, embracing the competitive spirit and staying physically active in his leisure time.