AEEE’s Comments on India’s 2070 Net-Zero Target

AEEE is delighted that our Hon. Prime Minister has set ambitious climate change targets for India that balances India’s sustainable growth priorities against responsible international commitments.

Specifically, the 45% energy intensity reduction by 2030 and a net zero target by 2070 are perfectly aligned with AEEE’s Lean-Mean-Green philosophy where energy efficiency and renewable energy need to work hand in hand to achieve both an aspirational and a near-term goal that require significant action on the ground. While renewable energy will decarbonise the power sector from the supply side, India must build a culture of energy efficiency to start reducing its energy requirements from the demand side without compromising on our aspirations – appliances, buildings, industries, agriculture, transportation, etc. – to become a leader in clean energy technologies.

Energy efficiency offers the cleanest, cheapest and fastest policy, technological and behavioural options available to start decarbonising the Indian economy. AEEE calls for a 10x increase in the extremely modest current budget allocations at central, state and city level and a massive capacity building and awareness campaign to unleash its full potential.

– Dr. Satish Kumar, Executive Director and President, AEEE

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