Forum On Energy Efficiency & Decarbonisation – 2023

Forum On Energy Efficiency & Decarbonisation – 2023 The stakes against a backdrop of intensifying climate shocks and multiple global crises are high. Governments worldwide face the difficult task of balancing efforts to accelerate climate solutions as they respond to global inflation, the energy crisis driven by the Russia-Ukraine War, [...] Read more

Forum On Energy Efficiency & Decarbonisation

Forum On Energy Efficiency & Decarbonisation Forum on Energy Efficiency and Decarbonisation (FEED 2022) brought together thought leaders and industry experts to build a dialogue towards making India an energy-efficient economy. FEED Conference served as a platform for industry experts and changemakers to position energy efficiency as one of the [...] Read more

Energise 2020 Paper proceedings

Energise 2020 Paper proceedings AEEE has emerged as a credible platform to foster a culture of energy efficiency in India by engaging the triple-sector leadership approach. AEEE works across different levels of stakeholders in the public sector, the private sector, and civil society. We stay committed to our mission with [...] Read more

2017 INSPIRE Paper Proceedings

2017 INSPIRE Paper Proceedings Using energy judiciously is a critical part of the solution for meeting India’s rapidly increasing energy needs, for addressing the energy security challenges, and for fulfilling India’s global climate change commitments through Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) targets under the Paris Accord. With that context, Energy Efficiency [...] Read more

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