This report presents a first-of-its-kind comprehensive overview of the nationwide cooling demand in India. The term ‘cooling’ in the context of this report implies both air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration. The primary focus was, the preparation of demand analysis for cooling by sector in India in 2027, which includes –

  • Specifying relevant segments and assessing their current cooling demand
  • Prediction of two different scenarios (business as usual (BAU) versus Improved Scenario) for the cooling demand of each identified sector until 2027

The study identified key intervention areas and the resultant energy savings and emissions reduction potential in each sector. The intervention areas include, but were not limited to, energy efficiency strategies, changes in technologies and refrigerants, stringent equipment labeling programs, capacity building and improved standards of the servicing sector/technicians, behavioural adaptations such as adaptive thermal comfort standards, and enhanced public awareness.

Demand Analysis for Cooling by Sector in India in 2027