Call for Action Event 1: Delhi

The inaugural Call for Action Event on the Decarbonisation Business Charter, held at the Embassy of Switzerland in Delhi on August 9, 2023, marked a significant step towards a sustainable future. Bringing together stakeholders from the building industry, experts, and change-makers, the event featured opening remarks and keynote speeches by distinguished figures, emphasizing the pivotal role of the private sector in transformative change. The subsequent panel discussion delved into implementation challenges in decarbonizing the building and construction industry, offering insights from experts on sustainability integration, policy changes, and demand creation. A session showcasing success stories by signatories highlighted innovative solutions, and the event concluded with the onboarding of 23 new signatories, bringing the total to 44 organizations committed to the Charter’s mission. The closing remarks emphasized the Charter’s inclusivity, science-based targets, and the collaborative efforts needed to shape a greener future.

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