Third Party Assessors for Checking ECBC Compliance

Speaker: Prasad Vaidya

The Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) of India was launched by BEE in 2007 and is expected to save 1.7 billion kWH annually. The state by state adoption process has begun since 2011 and the 12th 5-year plan has a goal of reaching 65%compliance by 2017. The savings will be realized when the requirements of ECBC are incorporated in to the building bye-laws by each Urban Local Body (ULB) and enforcement is done rigorously. ULBs and BEE’s State Designated Agencies responsible for the overall implementation of ECBC do not have the technical expertise or the manpower to do capacity building or check compliance. This presentation summarized a nationwide private sector based Third Party Assessor (TPA) framework for compliance checking of ECBC. This is an institutional framework that includes roles, scope of work, deliverables, pre-qualifications, examinations and qualification, funding/financing mechanism and quality assurance. It defines relationships between project teams, TPAs, the State Designated Agencies, BEE, ULBs or ECBC compliance checking. The process for quality assurance of the TPA work ensures that compliance rates may be measured and over time, improved upon.

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TPA for ECBC AEEE Webinar Feb 2013, Prasad Vaidya


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