Webinar and Report Launch: Charging India’s Two- And Three-Wheeler Transport

AEEE welcomes you at the e-launch of the fifth in a series of reports addressing some major issues regarding the implementation of electric mobility in India. This research effort has been generously supported by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation.

The report, “Charging India’s Two- and Three-Wheeler Transport”, aims to facilitate the establishment of ubiquitous charging facilities for commercial electric two-wheeler (e-2W) and electric three-wheeler (e-3W) fleets in Indian cities. Recognising that e-2Ws and e-3Ws are going to play a central role in achieving “shared, connected, and electric” mobility in India and to support the rapid pace of their commercial adoption, availability of widespread charging infrastructure will be a crucial factor, the researchers at AEEE have carried out a detailed study to enable implementation of innovative and practicable “made-in-India” and “made-for-India” solutions.

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Two- and three-wheelers form a unique identity of India’s motorised road transport. It has been estimated that, together, two-wheelers and three-wheelers constitute about 83% of all vehicles in India. Electrification of these light electric vehicles is recognised as a low hanging fruit for clean mobility in India, based on market readiness, cost-competitiveness, ease of charging, and emission reduction potential. Considering the EV penetration potential in these segments, the FAME-II scheme includes a significant budgetary allocation for demand incentives for e-2Ws and e-3Ws.

Join us in this discussion on the findings from our study “Charging India’s Two- and Three-Wheeler Transport” and the official report launch on 4th September at 11 AM. The webinar will address some critical questions that are important to the OEMs, fleet operators, charging service providers, EV users, city authorities, power distribution utilities, and policymakers.

The report release will be followed by an exciting panel discussion comprising of some eminent experts and important stakeholders.

Agenda for the Panel Discussion

Opening remarks by
Dr Satish Kumar President and Executive Director, AEEE

Keynote address by
Ruchir Shukla Director – Electric Mobility Programme, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

Presentation on key findings of the report by
Shyamasis Das Principal Research Associate – Power Utility & Electric Mobility, AEEE &
Chandana Sasidharan Senior Research Associate – Power Utility & Electric Mobility, AEEE

Panel discussion on key findings of the study and critical aspects of light electric vehicle charging
Vivek M Chandran (Moderator) Associate Director – Transport Programme, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
Aishwarya Raman Associate Director, Ola Mobility Institute
Chandrashekhar Bhide Co-Founder, Lithion Power Private Limited
Kalpit K. Dubey Head of Business Strategy, DOT India
Karthik Gogula Assistant Manager, Bounce

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