AEEE Discussion Series 2015: Advances in Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management

Webinars Curtain raiser webinar for the Programme to Promote EPC to Scale up the Energy Efficiency Business in India

Webinar on Outlook for the second cycle of the Perform Achieve and Trade Scheme: Understanding the Designated Consumer Viewpoint

Risk Mitigations of Energy Efficiency Projects

Webinar on “Opportunities for financing ESCO projects”,

Webinar on “Utility-affiliated ESCOs: Types of Business Models and Learning from International Experience”

Large-scale Energy Efficiency in Indian Buildings: The Impact and Role of the Energy Conservation Building Code”

Webinar on Energy Efficiency Delegation from Germany

Model ESCO Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) Workshop

Challenges in ECBC Implementations in India Energizing Water : Link between Energy & Water in High Performance Buildings

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