Skill development and Inclusive Growth opportunity in India’s EV sector

Skill development and Inclusive Growth opportunity in India's EV sector

The report titled “Skill Development and Inclusive Growth Opportunity in India’s EV Sector” by the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE) is a comprehensive examination aimed at mapping the skill requirements necessary to support India’s burgeoning Electric Vehicle (EV) sector. It emphasizes the significance of transitioning to electric mobility and the pivotal role of a skilled workforce in realizing this vision, especially by including marginalized communities and women. The document outlines the present state of the EV ecosystem, delineates specific skill sets needed across various roles, and proposes strategies for inclusive skill development. Through detailed case studies and policy recommendations, the report addresses the socio-economic aspects of the EV industry, aiming to foster sustainable growth. It serves as a vital resource for stakeholders in the EV domain, outlining pathways for skill enhancement and inclusive growth in alignment with India’s electric mobility ambitions.

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