Comments on Draft Electricity Rules

Comments on Draft Electricity Rules Active participation of consumers is a primary requisite to support ongoing transition of the electricity sector. One of the key barriers to encourage active consumer participation is awareness. An effective pathway to improve consumer awareness and encourage active participation is by providing consumers access to [...] Read more

Residential Energy Data Management

Residential Energy Data Management Access to reliable information on household energy consumption patterns and trends is crucial for future policy design to promote sustainable consumption and reduce the environmental impacts of this consumption. This data is equally important to assess the impact of existing policies and measures in the realisation [...] Read more

The Draft EIA Notification 2020

The Draft EIA Notification 2020 The EIA Notification 2006 was aimed at realising necessary environmental safeguards by assessing environment impacts due to the proposed projects, that require prior environment clearance at the planning stage itself; by making an attempt to make the process more transparent and expedient through implementation of [...] Read more

Charging India’s Two- and Three-Wheeler Transport

Charging India’s Two- and Three-Wheeler Transport Electrification of two and three-wheelers is recognised as a low hanging fruit for clean mobility in India, based on the market readiness, cost-competitiveness, ease of charging, and emission reduction potential (NITI Aayog & Rocky Mountain Institute, 2017). It has been estimated that, together, two-wheelers [...] Read more

Energise 2020 Paper proceedings

Energise 2020 Paper proceedings AEEE has emerged as a credible platform to foster a culture of energy efficiency in India by engaging the triple-sector leadership approach. AEEE works across different levels of stakeholders in the public sector, the private sector, and civil society. We stay committed to our mission with [...] Read more

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