Ashish Rao Ghorpade

Ashish Rao Ghorpade is a development sector practitioner with around 20 years of experience. By training Ashish is an Urban and Regional Planner with Architecture background. He has worked with over 150 cities across South Asia for low carbon development covering themes of Sustainable Built Environment, Transport, Services, Governance and Economy. Ashish has been involved in various national and international initiatives and programs that have focused on Cities and their improvement through developing partnerships, trainings, cross learning, case studies and demonstration projects. Over the course of his professional engagements, he has worked on projects and initiatives supported by the World Bank, Cities Alliance, WSP, Caritas International, GGGI, USDOS, NREL, Climate Works Foundation, SSEF, SDC, ADB, UKAid, IKI, and Various National government entities such as NITI Ayog, MOHUA, MOC and MOEF. Ashish is passionate about making impactful improvements in the urban built environment and Mobility spaces.