Vipin Rohilla

“Vipin Rohilla joined as a Program Lead where he will lead AEEE’s work related to M&V, Industrial Decarbonization, ESCOs business, Energy Efficiency Financing. In the capacity of the Programme Lead, he will also be supporting multiple projects with activities related to financing, M&V, and technology feasibility assessments.

Vipin has 16 years of experience in consulting and ESCOs business, Energy Efficiency Financing, M&V, and Demand side Management. Prior to AEEE, Vipin worked with National Productivity Council (NPC) in various capacities, where he contributed significantly to energy policy development, energy audit studies, demand-side management, Measurement and Verification, implementation of energy efficiency technologies, Third party assessment of various government schemes, and training on technical topics. He also led similar kind of assignments executed in Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt and UAE. He also worked in TARSHID (Super ESCO of Saudi Arabia) as Senior Project Manager (M&V) for 3 years during 2019-2022.

Vipin holds a Master’s degree in Finance from FMS, Delhi University, and Certificate in Project Management from IIM Indore. He completed B.E. in Electrical Engineering. He holds several certifications, including CMVP, CEA, CEM from AEE USA, and PMVA from EVO. When not working, he likes to read books, listen to music, do photography, and meditate.”