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Power Utility & Electric Mobility – revamp

About the ProgrammeIn today’s carbon-constrained world, the electricity sector is responsible for about a quarter of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. In India, the electricity demand is set to increase at a faster pace in the next decade. Amid the efforts to decarbonise the power generation, rapid electrification for decarbonization is [...] Read more

Power Utility & Electric Mobility

Energy efficiency has an important role to play in India’s pursuit of sustainable electricity generation and consumption. Electricity demand in India has doubled in the last decade and is expected to triple by 2040. The increasing energy aspirations of the middle class, indicated by the rise in appliance ownership, and [...] Read more

State & Local Action

The success of India’s goals for Energy Efficiency (EE) hinges as much on state-specific energy efficiency programmes, as on national programmes. States play a vital role in implementing energy efficiency policies. The National Energy Efficiency goals can only be realised with each state achieving their goals individually, keeping in mind [...] Read more

Industrial Energy Efficiency

The industrial sector is the highest energy consuming sector in the country and contributes to almost 58% of the total final consumption. The sector relies heavily upon the consumption of unsustainable fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas for its energy needs, which leads to greenhouse gas emissions causing [...] Read more

Building and Communities

India's building sector is experiencing unprecedented growth and is likely to add about 35 billion m² of new floor area by 2050. Presently, according to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), the building sector accounts for approximately 35% of total energy consumption and is growing at nearly 8% annually. India [...] Read more

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